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Chapter Director - Part-time

​As our BNI MA Region continues to grow, we are seeking exemplary members who are ready to take the next step in their leadership journey. Chapter Directors oversee 2-4 chapters not far from where they live and work. Ideal candidates are former Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretary/Treasurers who possess the following attributes: strong leadership and presentation skills; understanding of BNI policies and guidelines; Green Traffic Lights; live the Givers Gain® philosophy. Contact Area Director Steve Tannuzzo at to learn more. 

Chapter Launch Director - Part-time

Are you excited about building large and successful new BNI chapters? Do you have exceptional organizational skills? Do you have previous management experience? We are seeking BNI leaders who can guide a new chapter from a handful of applicants to a 40+ member chapter. You will be responsible for motivating, inspiring, training and educating a startup chapter throughout designated phases of growth, from start to kick-off. We are looking for previous Leadership Team members with Green Traffic Lights who live the Givers Gain® philosophy. If you fit the bill and you would like to take the next step of your leadership journey, please contact Steve Tannuzzo at

BNI Ambassador - Volunteer

The BNI Ambassador Program is a volunteer position with light responsibilities that assist the Director who oversees a given chapter. Ambassadors work with 1-2 chapters and offer support and guidance to Leadership Teams and members as needed. This important role is recommended as the starting point for all potential Directors. If you have previous Leadership Team experience, maintain Green Traffic Lights, have a positive and supportive attitude, solid presentation skills and live the Givers Gain® philosophy, then please contact Area Director Steve Tannuzzo at