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Kim Orsini-Penta

Phone 617-816-2708
Mobile Number 617-816-2708

Ms. Kim Orsini-Penta
Orsini S.P.Q.R., Inc
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Kim Orsini-Penta

Orsini S.P.Q.R., Inc

Director Consultant

My BusinessAlways searching out the finest Italian wines and liqueurs not yet available in the American market for the purpose of introducing them into the American food and beverage industry. My best referrals are found within the hospitality industry, specifically restaurants, hotels, casinos, lounges/nightclubs and the cruise industry. I am also interested in introductions to wine and liquor stores as well as those supermarkets that carry wines and/or spirits. The best individuals for me in terms of introductions are the owners, managers and/or buyers; in other words, those who have the power to say yes or no to bringing a new product into their establishment.

Ideal ReferralMy ideal referral is the owner/manager/buyer of product for restaurants, hotels, casinos, lounges and nightclubs.

Top ProductIt's virtually impossible to choose just one! My wines are elegant and my liqueurs are exquisite all comes down to mood (but I will say, my chocolate grappa is AMAZING!!!!)

Top Problem SolvedI have long been asked, "Why is the wine I had in Italy so wonderful but when I bought the same label from the same vineyard in America, it was HORRIBLE???" The answer lies in the increase in the sulfite content of the exports -- which, in turn, causes headaches. I have sought out -- and found -- wines that use more organic means of production and thus can use the minimum required sulfite content. The result is making the wine experience in America the equivalent of the same experience in Italy.

My Favorite BNI StoryMy favorite BNI my own! After being strangled for 5 years by the DC bureaucrats, my funds -- which had been ample at the inception of my business -- were completely depleted. I went into a bank to ask for a loan I knew I didn't qualify for. Thank God I chose that particular branch of Rockland Trust and spoke with a banker who had the guts to say, "Kim, have you heard of BNI?" When my response was, "B and who?," he invited me to the meeting the next day. I was down to my last $600 and facing the first of the month when I would have to pay the equity interest -- my second mortgage -- on the house I had mortgaged to get my business going. I couldn't both pay the mortgage on a house about to go into foreclosure AND a BNI membership. It was one or the other. I chose to put the few dollars I had left to the entity that had the power to bring money back to me. THANK GOD I DID! 3 weeks after writing the check payable to BNI Mass, the Notice of Auction arrived via certified letter - the day before Christmas Eve. But, I had a BNI card file which was suddenly worth more than gold. I called our real estate attorney who opened his office just for me on New Year's Eve and went over all my documents with me for 2 hours. He stopped the auction. Our real estate agent put my house on the open market and in 3 days, brought 72 people through the property. At the end of the 3 days, she handed 13 bids, $100,000 over the asking price. BNI -- and the amazing members of my chapter -- not only saved me from bankruptcy, they saved my business as well and I walked away from, potentially, one of the most devastating events of my adult life, with my business -- and all my licensing -- intact and with a nice amount of cash in my pocket. So, where would I be today if my banker hadn't invited me to his BNI meeting? I'd be the bitter and hopeless woman asking you how you want your burger cooked.

My Ideal Referral PartnerMy ideal referral partner is one who is well-connected in the hospitality industry, particularly dealing with restaurants and hotels. I am also actively looking for contacts in the cruise industry.